The holiday travel season is well and truly upon us, and everyone seems to be jetting off somewhere. Traveling to your destination, however, can be a little more daunting. During your travels, you want to keep your beauty/outfit routine as casj as possible, mastering the effortlessly chic look.

I’ve decided to list my eight skin and outfit tips on how to travel stylishly — but more importantly — comfortably.

Here are my super quick and easy summer travel style tips that I live by to make sure I’m still looking good but with minimal effort.


  1. Your skin is always going to look a lot better if you are keeping hydrated (yes, we all know this!) Keep a bottle on you at all times and if you’re not a huge fan of water- try something with a little more flavor such as OVI Hydration. OVI is a delicious infusion of water, fruit juice, honey and infused antioxidants from Green tea, it’s this combination that ensures you are kept hydrated. Antioxidants are essential for keeping your skin looking youthful and fresh.

      2. Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, you’re going to want your skin to be well moisturized. I occasionally switch out my normal moisturizer for a gradual tanner and this actually motivates me to apply it- because I can literally see the results and my skin feels really hydrated.

3. The dry, stale air on planes means there is no real need for a full face of glam.  Do yourself and your face a favor by keeping makeup to a minimum during your travels. No one wants to exit the plane with raccoon eyes and smudged lips (Because OMG I have been there and it’s not good!) All you really need is your trusty lip balm and tinted moisturizer.

4. Carry cleansing wipes in your carry-on for easy cleansing on board. Wipes are so perfect because you can use them at any point of the flight and you don’t even need to head to the bathroom to cleanse your skin either.


5. Stick to flats, carrying an oversized tote, drink bottle and rolly suitcase by yourself is really only manageable in flats — but cute flats, nonetheless. Consider easy-to-slip-on sneakers that you can wear throughout your holiday as well for casual walks etc.

6. A pair of worn-in boyfriend jeans are just as comfortable as sweatpants or leggings. If you want to still look good while you travel, ripped boyfriend jeans are the ultimate jean. They tie any outfit together and look as good as they feel on.

7. When it comes to totes, the bigger the better when on board. You’ll only have to worry about one bag (not multiple) and you can fit everything in there, laptop and fashion mags included.

8. Pack a jacket! Just because it may be warm where you are (or where your heading) It is still considerably colder on planes, so pack a warm jumper to pop on during the flight.

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