Because not everyone is gifted with a Instagram Husband…..

This post is dedicated to my fellow bloggers who may be struggling with searching for the perfect blog/Instagram photographer.

There are a number of skills that a photographer needs if they’re going to enable the blogger to continuously grow and up their game. This blogger/Instagram game is big business now and there are so many bloggers out there who are totally killing it. But in all honesty- they wouldn’t be doing it half as well without their photographer. It’s a team effort.

So if you’re looking for your perfect photographer, here are the top 5 things you need to look out for


IN THIS PHOTO: top, shorts


1.They need to be able to take constructive criticism

As I mentioned before, blogging is serious business- and you’re images need to be able to portray what you want them too. When I’m checking my images, I make sure that my face looks okay (eyes aren’t shut, no weird shadows etc) my outfit looks good, and that the background looks beautiful too. I’m literally just checking that the images are usable on my channels and the photographer needs to not be offended by that. When you run a blog- the image is primarily about the person in the shots and the beautiful background etc has to come second.


IN THIS PHOTO: bodysuit


2. Being patient is key

If we need to reshoot, there needs to be a level of professionalism and no huffing and puffing. The blogger doesn’t want to be spending his/her whole day shooting in the street with people staring either but sometimes it needs to be done. Therefore professionalism, patience, and a collaborative effort are always appreciated. A good photographer will wait for you if you’re paying them and if you’re not paying them, then at least buy them a coffee to say a big thank you!

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3. An eye for locations

You really do want your photographer to be your second pair of eyes. It helps to know you have someone with a similar vision to you and knows what would suit your feed and branding well. It’s the best thing when your photographer says, “I saw this awesome street just up here that could work for a location”. They are helping you do your job, and that’s golden. As I mentioned earlier in this post, the image is primarily about you and your body/shape/face in the shot. BUT if the location behind you is uninspiring or really boring then your photo isn’t going to inspire anyone. I’ve had to learn this a number of times (and still make this mistake) …no matter how desperate you are to take a photograph of your outfit, save your time and energy. Wait until you stumble upon a better location and you’ll get a much better result.




4. Quick to shoot and edit

Your photographer needs to be able to act on demand in pressured situations to get the very best out of that location. I don’t care if people are walking past, we can wait until the traffic of people let up and then click click click until we get the shot we love. You just need to keep your cool and don’t get stressed about how frustrating it might be. Trying to photograph or be photographed when you’re in a foul mood is one of the most difficult things (I’m saying this from plenty of experience!) So stay collected and think of how gorgeous the final images will be.




5. They need to be your mirror

One of the key things your photographer needs to be, is be your mirror. They need to watch out for the lipstick on your teeth, your strap that has twisted,  the button that’s become undone or your mascara that’s smudged onto your under eye. We can’t see that when we’re in the street, and the majority of these issues the photographer can’t change in the editing process. So make sure they keep an eye on your look and your style as they’re shooting. Otherwise, you may find your photos are completely unusable and you’re not going to be a happy blogger…. trust me 😉




xx Antoinette


All images from this blog were taken by Richard Goodfellow

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