Who said pink can’t be cool?

Growing up, pink was always my favourite…but as I got older, I stopped wearing it because I realized that only girls that wanted to replicate Elle Woods wore it, definitely not the “cool girls” that I looked up to. Today, however, I can tell you that I still love pink, and I still think it’s freaking cool. I mean can we talk about how strong and sophisticated these pants are? Although I love my feminine pieces, I tend to stay away from outfits that are overly girly. I tend to try and make my girly pieces a little edgier.

So here are my five tips on how to wear the color pink. 

1. Silhouette.

Shape is everything! If you have a streamlined pair of trousers like these, they can instantly make a girly color look extremely strong & powerful.

2. Monochrome.

It might sound illogical because you’d think a full head to toe pink outfit would look too girly or OTT, but it can actually do just the opposite and make it look stronger. If you’re going to go bold- go big or go home 😉 

3. Masculine.

Pair it with something more masculine, get creative with a boxy coat or even adding a “leather” jacket paired with a pink skirt/dress will add an edgy element to something more feminine. 

4. Hardware.

Use hardware for your accessories. Instead of a typical leather purse, use a hardshell metallic clutch to add structure to your look. 

5. Rock it.

Be confident and walk like your badass self in pink. At the end of the day, it’s all about your attitude and you choose how well you can pull off the colour!

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