In our busy schedule’s, caring for ourselves is something that is really hard to prioritize, and hair is no exception. Yes, even though it’s something that you are looking at on a daily basis, treating and nourishing your hair can be something we all push to the side and hope it will just work itself out. Your hair can change your appearance dramatically, and having dull dry hair with split ends is not usually something that can help with your confidence.

Personally, I feel a world of confidence when I’m feeling good about how I look. Their is nothing worse then looking in the mirror only to hate what you see. When my hair is feeling healthy, shiny and nourished, I feel a million times better about myself. So that’s why I’m sharing these healthy hair tips with you all, because nothing feels better then feeling confident in your own skin.

6 simple hair hacks for healthy hair

1, Investment.
I would be lying to you if I said you were going to have healthy beautiful hair if you continue to use your budget shampoo that you picked for $3. I’m not saying money equals quality all the time but investing in a great quality shampoo and conditioner is extremely important to keep your hair at it’s healthiest. An everyday shampoo and conditioner that has been recommended to you by your stylist will not only keep your hair shiny, it will help nourish, protect and keep your color fresh.

My personal favorite brands: Kerastase, Kevin Murphy and Redken.

2, Make time for treatments.
Normally once a week a treatment is recommended, but if you (like most people) don’t have time for that, make sure you can squeeze one in once a month. Even if it’s just a nourishing masque at home, leave it on while your doing your housework/chores so it stays in for a few hours and really has time to absorb into your hair. Rinse it out in the shower later and voila, your hair will feel gorgeous and silky smooth. (The Kerastase ones are my personal favourite, they are extremely nourishing and the smells are gorgeous)


3, Be gentle!
Brushing wet hair, tearing through knots, or even sleeping on flannel sheets can cause a great deal of damage. Use silk sheets to help with the tugging of your hair at night time and make sure you use a comb when tackling wet hair. I always start combing from the bottom up to help prevent further knots. Combing straight from the root to end creates more damage then necessary, by adding more hair into your knots, so avoid that and try combing from mids and work your way up.


4, Use heat in moderation
This tip is easier for some people ie. not me. If you’re like me and need irons to help you feel good about yourself, you’re in trouble! No, not really, but cutting down on using your heat styler can go a long way! When my hair was long I’d use heat on my hair every single day, which was extremely damaging! These days, it’s 1-2 times a week. Not ideal, but still helpful. If you do need to use heat, be sure that you are using a product to protect your hair from the heat damage and try testing out the new ghd, which has been designed to stay at a lower temperature (meaning it’s a lot gentler on your hair). P,s if you can get two- three days out of your hair, even better!


5, Trims are great, just don’t expect them to accelerate hair growth.

One of the biggest myths is that when you cut your hair, it will grow faster. I’m sorry but there is no possible way this is true. When you cut your hair, you are cutting it from the ends- not the root. Where does the growth happen? From the root. So although keeping your hair trimmed will keep it looking lush and healthy, please don’t expect it to help you hair grow “faster”

6, Don’t expect salon results from home

Obviously, looking after your hair from home is beneficial, in the form of treatments etc. This little piece is directed at my fellow gals who have tried their hand at home-hairdressing. I’ll admit that I have bleached my hair from home a number of times. Each time the color got worse and worse, even as a hairstylist myself, home hairdressing is difficult, messy and extremely damaging. If you want a lush ballyage or a beautiful blonde, make sure you leave it to the professionals 🙂

So these are my simple hair tips for healthy shiny hair, I hope you enjoyed them and can use some of these tips into your own day to day lifestyles. Have I missed any? Leave me your tips below and I’ll be sure to try them out and even add them to the post if they work for me 🙂

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