Blogging has completely changed my Instagram style, and when I started to get noticed by just using the app, I decided to constantly challenge myself to make it better and better. Creating the perfect Instagram theme is all about your personal preference. Everyone obviously has their own style, and that is what makes Instagram so great. It’s somewhere we can express ourselves artistically.

I thought I would share with you, my basic guide to creating a beautiful theme that generates buzz and exposure! Your follower count shouldn’t be the only reason you’re on Instagram, I find that having a more engaged audience waaaay more beneficial and prefer hearing my followers opinions and genuine feedback as opposed to having a bunch of spammy accounts that follow but never engage.


Firstly, I have my top four accounts that have perfectly nailed their Instagram theme, if your stuck for ideas, you should definitely check these accounts out:

InTheFrow Victoria of IntheFrow has a really beautiful theme, which includes a stark white accent. Her theme does seem to change every few months as she travels a lot but you will always be sure to find beautiful images on her Instagram.


Pia Muehlenbeck Bright, colourful and an all round “feel good” theme. Yes, it helps Pia is a massive babe but she also offers top quality photos every time that keeps her follower wanting more.

Pia Muehlenbeck

A Pair and A Spare Faitly similar theme to Victorias, but with a little more white featured. Geneva also offers her followers some cool DIY’s which makes her account not only pretty but extremely useful.

A Pair and A Spare

Marianna Hewitt Marianna has a really beautiful and consistent feed which is extremely centered around whites-marbles and neutrals.

Marianna Hewitt Instagram

As you can see, I’m quite drawn to feeds with a lot of whites-blues and marbles. These themes are where I am constantly inspired and aim to achieve for myself.

Your Ultimate Guide to


Pick Your Theme.

Get some inspiration from your favourite feeds, what type of photos do you like? What colours are you most attracted too? What do you like to take photos of? Picking your theme doesn’t have to be ridiculously strict, even just choosing a colour you like (this is the simplest way to go and then you have a little more freedom with what style pics you take)

Your Photo Formula.

Once you have your theme, you can use this as your personal formula for creating photos. The way you edit photos should become easier because you’re sticking with a similar style. For editing, I personally like VSCO and Snapseed. My edits are usually concentrating on making the photo a little brighter, contrast a little punchier and altering colour correction. There are two ways to look at your photo when posting to your Instagram, how does it look as a single photo and how does it look within your feed? If the photo your posting looks good in both ways, your theme will look well thought out and put together..

Plan Your Feed.

VSCO was once my go-to for planning out my feed but when they changed the layout I decided to go freestyle and have been for a few months now. I recently learned of Planoly which I am currently downloading. This app is designed to to plan out your feed and schedule posts if that’s what you want to do also. It helps make sure your theme runs smoothly and looks beautiful at all times, so I can’t wait to try it out.

Build up Your Gallery.

To get a whole new theme happening- you need to take LOTS of photos. Make sure you have a lot of photos to pick and choose from. Don’t post them all at once- you don’t want to post a million photos in one day and then not post again for another a week. This is inconsistent and quite frankly, annoying for your followers. I would suggest posting 1-3 times a day and soon your gallery will start to build up a beautiful new theme.

Engage with other accounts who have similar themes.

Search popular hashtags (ones that are popular with your theme) and get liking, commenting and following. I try and spend at least an hour each day just engaging! This is a great way to find inspiration and build up relationships with others on Instagram. The more engagement you put out, the more you will get back.

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Your theme can be as simple as keeping a certain colour in your images or it can be as strict as you like, I tend to keep my theme quite loose because I like to have the freedom to post whatever I like, but I’ll usually edit the images in a certain way, so it works well all together.

Keep your images cropped the same, I personally dislike feeds with different borders, collages and shapes, but maybe that’s the little bit of OCD I have coming through.

Speaking of collages- although they can be super cute, they can also make your overall theme look quite tacky- so avoid over doing it on the collages to keep your whole feed really clean and fresh looking.





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