high-tea-style-mor-goodiesglassons-bag-detailsGlassons-bag-fluffy-pom-pomAfter doing some homework, we found out that Auckland is lacking in the Vegan High Tea department. Their are a couple of places that do it, but weren’t quite what we were looking for. So, this Mother’s Day we decided on having our own high tea at home.

In theory, this sounds like a challenge, but when their are two of you (one passionate about food and the other for all things pretty) it was quite easy to organize. My sister, aka the foodie made all the vegan treats that morning and I decorated and styled the table.

(Thanks Pinterest for yet again being an amazing source for when it came to inspiration)

high=tea=style This was a cute idea for styling on a budget- pick some bright colored flowers out of the garden to add some color and style to the table.high-tea-champagne high=tea-candle-mor How cute is this candle!? This was the perfect edition to our Homemade High Tea. I am just in love with the saucer! high-tea-champagne-flowers-ice-bucket

I found this idea on Pinterest, you can actually freeze colorful flowers in the ice to create this look too, but I had a big shoot the day before so I wasn’t prepared the night before. Instead, I just added them to the bucket and I think it looks just as cute, makes it look more like a centerpiece rather then just a champagne cooler.

high-tea-mor-goodiesThe MOR Flirtatious Florals Set is the perfect gift for mum. This came with the gorgeous limited edition cosmetic bag, the Marshmallow Hand and Body Wash, Hand and Body Milk and the Marshmallow Eau De Parfum. This set can be found at Smith & Caugheys, Ballantynes and H&J Smith and retails for about $60.

glassons-details-bag-ootd high-tea-details-vegan-mothers-day

Styling the table was relatively easy, it just takes attention to detail that creates an overall feel and look. I thought I would make a total mess out of it, but I am super proud of how it all came together.


This singlet is one of my newer items to my wardrobe and unfortunately has since sold out! Must be a goodie! The bag can still be found at Glassons, but only just… As I am typing this, I have seen their are only three left in stock, I guess because it is not only super affordable ($29!) It is also a very cute style. Perfect for going out and I am loving the little pom pom 😀

Click here for the Glassons Pom Pom Bag*



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