We’re all a little guilty of not looking after our skin from time to time.

Throughout summer especially, we put our skin through a lot, and it usually needs a little extra care. When we think of a detox, we immediately think of detoxing our bodies from the inside, but you can do the same for your skin from the outside. I’ve teamed up with Okana Skin Care to show you guys my faves from the range and how to use them to detox your skin. Between cleansing, masking, steaming, and more you’ll be able to renew your skin as needed. Keep reading for a breakdown on how to detox your skin the right way, along with some great products to help.


The first step in detoxifying your skin is a deep cleansing session. I always cleanse twice especially at the end of the day. Using the Okana range, I remove my makeup and toxins from the day with the Mango & Apricot Sorbet Cleanser, this cleanses well beyond the surface and will draw out any impurities getting in the way of your detox. Because of the oil base I steam if off with a hot face cloth. Then I follow up with the Apple Juice Foaming Cleanser for a light, foaming clean.


Exfoliation should be part of everyone’s skincare routine. The process helps to eliminate dead skin cells that could be blocking your pores. This should be done at least once a week. When my skin is dull and tired looking I follow my deep cleanse with the Bamboo Beads Face Scrub. This re-mineralises and conditions your skin and because the bamboo powder is high in minerals and silicas it exfoliates without damaging your sensitive skin.


You can’t get smoother skin if you don’t moisturise. If you’ve noticed any dry flakes or patches as of late, then it might be time to swap out your current moisturiser for something a bit richer. A heavier moisturiser can help keep any dryness away and make your skin appear smoother. I’ve been loving the Vegetable Garden Moisturiser from Okana is rich in antioxidants and contains Apricot oil and Olive oil.


If you’re dehydrated internally, it will show on your face. One of the easiest ways to care for your skin is by staying hydrated and drinking as much water as possible. Your skin will appear a lot less dull and more youthful if you drink the recommended 8-12 glasses per day!

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