Creating photo’s and organizing shoots is a big part of my role as a blogger and it’s something I am extremely passionate about. If you are a fresh-faced model/blogger or just someone who has found yourself committing to a photoshoot, you may feel a little lost as to how you can prepare for the occasion! Photoshoots (especially portrait ones) can feel quite intimidating so it’s best to always feel as comfortable as you can when you are shooting. Creating a flawless photoshoot takes a lot of preparation and everyone in the team has to do what it takes to get that perfect shot!

Here are my tips for I go about creating and planning my blog photoshoots, I have gone into a lot of detail so feel free to just read the bits your interested in!

mor (1 of 1)

PLANNING (done a week or so in advance)

1- Create a mood board

Creating a mood board is the first thing I recommend you create for your shoot. Pinterest is probably the easiest way to do this. Try to stick to a theme throughout the board so their is a direct focus on what your trying to achieve. When it comes to sharing your board with your team you want them to be clear with what direction your heading in. Focus on one particular style, weather it’s the “mood” in the photo’s or that the colour scheme is consistent throughout. Also, have an open mind- your shoot will never turn out exactly how you picture in your head. And that’s OK.

2- Arrange your team

Once you know what you want to achieve- it’s time to find your team. If you don’t know a big group of photographers or models to work with- utilize your friends. Your friends may even know someone who can help. Most of the time you don’t need a full set of professionals to set out what you want to achieve. It can be a great way to hang out your friends on a fun project. Make sure you discuss all the small details with your team, everyone needs to be on the same page and needs the same vision for the shoot. It can get a little messy and confusing if their are two dominant parties in the team, so I always just recommend keeping an open mind.

3- Location

Choose your location beforehand so you have a vision in place and you’re not driving around for hours looking for somewhere to shoot. For my blog posts, I usually keep locations pretty simple. Somewhere outdoors with a pretty setting to create a soft tone for my oufit images. For my portfolio shoots or my hair styling shoots I usually have a studio organized or an open white room.

Preparing for a photoshoot (1 of 1)

PREP (the day before)

4-Get your kit ready, remember to pack snacks!

Shooting can end up taking along time, you have to prepare for anything that could happen on the day. Make sure you trial  your outfits beforehand and you have plenty of snacks packed in your bag. Do not turn up to the shoot without testing your outfits- unless you have a wide range of options to take with you. What looks good in your head may not look great in reality, so trial it all out beforehand.

5- Drink loads of water to keep your skin looking clear and fresh on the day, use the day before to prep your nails and skin also. Face masks, body scrubs and nails etc- use this day to give yourself a little pamper session, you want to feel relaxed and fresh for the following day!



6- Turn up on time and organized

If you have a team working with you on your shoot- make sure you arrive on time. It’s not cool when everyone’s waiting for you- especially if the shoot is for you! So arrive early and make sure you have everything you need for the day. Create yourself a checklist of everything you need so you can keep track.

7- Have fun!

Turn up the music and have fun with it. The more fun and relaxed the shoot is- the better the pics are going to turn out!

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