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Even though I am extremely passionate about what I do- I know how important it is to switch off and take some time away. I find that working for myself means working every single day. I don’t take weekends off and I don’t remember the last day I actually didn’t touch my phone or laptop. Even a day of rest for me has me checking my social updates, writing emails and feeling guilty for not being at my desk. I don’t do ‘days off’ very well, it takes me a while to feel comfortable to just relax.

When I do manage to get away- I like to be prepared for these occasions. From planning my outfits to eating well and making sure I feel and look my best. I thought it would be handy to share how I prep for a weekend away when all I want to do is rest and relax..

Here are my top tips for feeling confident and prepping for your weekend away, voilà!


The week before;


I like to outfit prep in advance to ensure that it’s one less thing I have to worry about. There are some amazing online stores out there that offer next day and even same day delivery to help you out but I’ve found that when I can, organizing my outfits a week or so in advance is definitely the way to go. Admittedly, I won’t take my own advice at all times, but the feeling of being organized so far in advance really does mean you can focus on everything else more important that may come your way during the week and in the planning stages. Where will you you be staying? Do you need to book any activities etc?

2 Days Prior

For me, the difference between feeling good about myself and feeling great about myself is the little touches. Taking the time two days prior to exfoliate properly, shave my legs and underarms followed bmoisturizingng any dry patches thoroughly in preparation for a fake tanning session for the following day is how I like to keep myself feeling confident. Whilst shaving, I like to use a fresh sharp razor that will give me a seamless result, the Schick Hydro Disposable razors are perfect for this because I can also take them away with me and know that I’ll have a perfect finish every time.


The Day Before

It’s time to start a little pampering session. If I’m heading off somewhere warm, I like to take some time to fake tan beforehand especially if I’m going to be showing off a little more skin than usual. I already have my legs smoothly shaved from the day before to ensure my tan application is seamless. I’ll also wash my hair with my favorite silver shampoo to bring my blonde tones back to life and banish any brassy notes.

The Morning Of

The morning of I’m almost good to go, I’ll have a shower to wash off any excess tan and if needed, I’ll shave my legs again to make sure I’m smooth and ready for those shorter hemlines. I’ll pop on a comfy outfit for traveling and wear a very light makeup consisting mostly of BB cream, lip balm and my favorite moisturizer. Now I’m feeling confident, tanned and smooth for my weekend away!

How do you prep for a weekend away? Let me know below in the comments section to be in to win a gorgeous Schick Hydro Silk Disposables prize pack!


Thanks Schick Hydro Silk for ensuring my pins are always Summer ready!


xx Antoinette

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