Hey guys, happy FRIYAY! I have been wanting to get this post up for a while now… We are in transition of moving towns- therefore finding new jobs and getting our new home ready has taken over these last few weeks- leaving blog posts on the back burner. I finally have things semi-together so I’m excited to finally share this post with you guys!

In June, we were in the Cook Islands for 7 days, which was the perfect amount of time for a break. I could honestly say that if I could, I would live in Raro in a heartbeat! Nothing sounds better to me, then working and living by the beautiful lagoon with just the bare necessities. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but something I would love to do one day!

What I loved about our trip, is that there is basically no wifi (unless you want to pay top dollar for a slow connection) So it basically forces you to take a wifi detox, which is what I really needed but wouldn’t have done otherwise…

It was a family trip in celebration of my mothers birthday, we had our own accommodation and met up with them daily for different activities or just to chill out. We usually always had something to do, but when we didn’t lounging around was a great way to pass the time…..

Here are my top recommendations if you are heading over to the Cook Islands…..



Scooter hire is almost essential when you’re staying in Raro. Luckily, Richard has a motorbike license in NZ anyway so it was really easy to get one sorted. (If you don’t have a license you have to sit a test to get one) We had so much fun riding around, and it really adds to the laid back atmosphere of the island! You can feel the salty air on your face and have an even better view of the ocean when you’re riding past.


We were lucky enough to have two base camps in Raro. We booked Ikurangi Retreat for somewhere a little more secluded and private for our stay and we also had my family’s villa to hang out at for the day and cook food etc. Ikurangi Retreat is glamping at its finest, from the huge luxurious tents to the outdoor bathrooms, it was pretty unique. My favorite was the breakfast for sure. I loved that each morning you were greeted with a delicious breakfast, think along the lines of smoothie bowls or even a “banana burger” the food was just above and beyond! Ikurangi was a little out of the way so I would definitely suggest hiring a car or a scooter to get around.


We had the best time on the glass bottom boat! It was so refreshing to be out in the ocean swimming with the fishies (even though I’m not the most confident swimmer) Captain “Anchorman” was playing the ukulele and cracking jokes the whole time and really made the whole day special. We stopped for about half n hour for a swim and snorkel and then had a BBQ lunch on the beach followed by a couple of different shows. It was such an entertaining day and a great way to really soak up being in Raro.


This was my second time at Te Vara Nui, and it did not disappoint! If you’re going to book any cultural show in Raro I suggest you book this one. Everything they do at Te Vara Nui is done with pride. The table setup, the show, the cocktails and the amazing food make this a night out not to be missed!


We all like happy hour for obvious reasons, and the Barefoot Bar is one of the best spots to take advantage of the lower prices. The bar is literally on the beach (located at the Pacific Resort) with one of the best views of the lagoon in Raro. So head down at 5 and enjoy the view with a $10 cocktail πŸ™‚



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