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Like most girls in today’s society, if there is one thing I can’t leave the house without, it’s my brows. I sort of feel naked without them now, it’s one of those rituals that I have become so addicted too. Usually my application is fairly basic. I use an angled brush mixed with my favourite shade of the Naked2 Palette and create my desired shape. This is a super quick method but it is a little harder to achieve a natural look.

Last week, Billion Dollar Brows sent their Best Sellers Kit out to me and I have been so excited to try this out for a while now! This has been one of my favourite kits to review so far because brows are something I am already quite passionate about. I do them every single day, so I have familiarized myself with the kit really well and I am really impressed (I am also loving having a more polished routine). Something I have learnt about makeup in the past year is that having the right tools and products is EVERYTHING. I’m no make up artist, but I have definitely found that when you invest in great tools, your makeup game improves so much more then it ever would have without them. This is just one of the reasons I am digging my new brow kit…

The kit comes with the following;

Universal Brow Pencil- this pencil is suited for almost every skin tone and hair colour, it’s a really soft brown that glides on really easily. No need for a pencil sharpener either, which is always a bonus.

Brow Duo Pencil – this is the Highlight/Concealer Duo and I cannot talk up the highlight enough. I am so into it and if you have seen my latest Instagram posts you would have noticed some extra glow going on too. I may be going a little overboard but the result is just too good to pass up.

Brow Gel- the gel that sets your make up for the day and keeps your brows in shape. This is an underrated product that I can no longer live without! It keeps your brows in tact and looking neat all day.

Smudge Brush- this is a great tool for when extra blending is needed (and when is it not??). I love this brush as it helps to achieve a flawless and natural finish.

After years of over drawing my brows (what was I even thinking??) I have learnt from my mistakes and am now very much into a natural looking brow, so my application process is pretty simple. Enhancing the shape, not creating a new one entirely.

My application;

  1. Brush brows into shape
  2. Using the brow pencil, start to create your shape. I start at the mids-ends and then work my way to the front of the brow so I avoid using too much product and the brow looking fake
  3. I then brush my brows into shape again (this also helps the pencil to blend into the hair follicle)
  4. I then use the smudge brush to blend the pencil in even more and create a more flawless finish
  5. Once I am happy with the shape, I use my brow gel to set my brows into place. This also helps the product last all day!
  6. To finish, I conceal and highlight around the edges of my brows to create a flawless finish and help your brows to “pop.”

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! You can also check out my mini video here!


Brow Kit


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