After missing our flight to Sydney, we had no choice but too spend an extra night in Brisbane. I’m not going to lie, I was devastated when we found out we missed our flight. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Luckily, we have some AWESOME people here to look after us and get us back to the airport too. Around 8óclock last night, we finally made it!!

I’m finding the shopping here so overwhelming! It’s crazy how busy the shops are in Sydney. I did manage to pick up these sunnies from City Beach and I am actually super impressed by them. They have a cool marble texture and they seem to look a lot more expensive then what they actually are. I was stoked to see the price tag when it read $20! So obviously I had to grab a pair! I have had loads of compliments on them too so you know they must be good when that happens 😀 ( P.s The brand is Karyn in LA)

More updates coming soon 😀

WEARING; TOP Grace Hill, SKORTS Glassons, SUNGLASSES City Beach, (SECOND TOP/ GRID) Valleygirl

Marble sunglassessheer top, skorts, fashion blogMarble sunglasses

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