Road trips are and always have been something that I love. While most people can’t stand the thought of a long drive, it’s something that I quite enjoy. The music, the friends you’re with and just in general- having some time off work are all things that make the trip all the worthwhile.

However, packing for a road trip away can be a little daunting, especially if you’re like me and are naturally unorganized and leave everything until the last minute- that’s why it’s always good to have a rough idea of what you’ll need for the trip… So I’ve decided to write a quick checklist of everything that you will need for a weekend away.


Skincare, It makes sense to me to always carry some facial wipes while travelling. You never know when you will need them, whether it’s a quick makeup removal or sticky hands, facial wipes are just something I can’t go without. I also recommend packing a facial mist and a BB cream to keep your skin looking it’s best throughout the day. If you’re traveling somewhere warm, you want to have refreshed and healthy feeling skin.

Something Warm, because you never know when you will need it!  It doesn’t matter what time of year, make sure you always pack a jumper to keep you warm at night.

Instax, Creating memories is really important when you’re taking a road trip and polaroids are so much more fun than your average iPhone selfie. When you get home from your holidays you can get really creative with the images and create a cool wall mural too so you’ll always have something to remind you of your trips away (much more creative than scrolling through your phone’s gallery)

Cute Hats, while on holiday, you want to be a little lazy with your hair, so pack some cute hats and some sea salt spray for a naturally beachy look!

Comfy Shoes, When you’re on holiday you want to relax, and get into comfort mode, ditch the heels and pack some comfy shoes that will do you justice with walking around a lot more than you normally would. I love the new Chuck Taylors, they have insoles which have a cushion layer and I can wear them all day with no problems!

Cute (but cheap) sunnies, I usually pack multiple pairs with me (and normally cheapies so I won’t be too worried about keeping them safe throughout the trip) Quay are my faves, and Glassons always has a really good selection too.

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Thanks JUCY for helping me make this road trip possible. Find out more at www.jucyworld. com and follow them on social media @JUCYworld

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